Thursday, March 19, 2009


We would like to thank all the parents, teachers and pupils of the OLLCS who participated in the project of the Grade 3 Parents and Teachers of the OLLCS , especially those who purchased the DVDs in this simple fund raising activity for this advcacy campaign. To those who did not participate, thank you too - for it is, for all of us. Herewith is a copy of our letter to all the Grade 3 parents with our financial report:
We are publishing the above letter and our financial report to be transparent about the project and its status. We raised a total amount of P 2,880.00. P 1,080.00 of which are the parents share, another P 1,080.00 are the teacher's share and the P 720.00 is for the management fee. We leave the rest to each respective beneficiaries on where to spend the proceeds either for another activity or a concrete project in furtherance of this advocacy campaign.

Thank you to all and until ur next fund raising activity. Our advocacy campaign on line, however, shall continue to gather support and promote activities such as this.